Merci beacoup pour aller a you for coming to

Merci beacoup pour aller a you for coming to

"Literature is not an art form to please others, on the contrary, it is an art to shake people and make one outspoken, despite the price to be paid, that of being a bad or lonely person." Orhan Pamuk

You will find exclusive literary news, views and reviews, short stories, articles and other online literature at in a few weeks' time. The site looks awful because I created it when I was learning HTML in 1998 and I haven't had time to update it. I've been tied up with other things. But hold tight: the new site will finally come 'live' in a few weeks time, so press CTRL and D to bookmark it and come back soon!

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'Ted Hughes: A Talented Murderer' - Article

As all his friends know, Nadeem is a computer geek. This is pic. of him typing away on his computer, which is called Marilyn... Did you know that 93% of businesses are making a loss on their Web site? Here's what I've had to resort to recently...

Left - Nadeem on his PC; Above - Nadeem trying to raise some money during the Coronavirus lockdown - it was tough!

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